January 28, 2010

To IPhone or to Not IPhone... that is the question

Well, it is probably too late to be pondering that question given that it is now 24 hours since I have owned an Iphone.... I am the type of person, that up until now, still had the hard cover black diary and the very simple nokia mobile that did simple talk and text; to be quite frank, that suited me, as simple is best!

Having said that, my life has now dramatically changed. I pondered this as I went for daily walk/run with Iphone and Ipod (not long gave up my old MP3 either if truth be known) I checked emails whilst I walked, sent a few sms and thought ' this will either be a very good thing for me, or a very bad thing..' I am hoping that I don't start waking in the night looking for my Iphone. Must set rules for myself rather quickly as know my weaknesses, and I know my strengths... Not sure which one this is (strength or weakness) but will the IPhone suit my addictive personality..

Only time will tell whether I continue to IPhone or Not... but apparently my life will never be the same again. I fear that 'those that say that' are in fact correct...

Until next time..

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