January 28, 2010

To IPhone or to Not IPhone... that is the question

Well, it is probably too late to be pondering that question given that it is now 24 hours since I have owned an Iphone.... I am the type of person, that up until now, still had the hard cover black diary and the very simple nokia mobile that did simple talk and text; to be quite frank, that suited me, as simple is best!

Having said that, my life has now dramatically changed. I pondered this as I went for daily walk/run with Iphone and Ipod (not long gave up my old MP3 either if truth be known) I checked emails whilst I walked, sent a few sms and thought ' this will either be a very good thing for me, or a very bad thing..' I am hoping that I don't start waking in the night looking for my Iphone. Must set rules for myself rather quickly as know my weaknesses, and I know my strengths... Not sure which one this is (strength or weakness) but will the IPhone suit my addictive personality..

Only time will tell whether I continue to IPhone or Not... but apparently my life will never be the same again. I fear that 'those that say that' are in fact correct...

Until next time..

January 25, 2010

Advisory Services now available

Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence can provide phone and email real estate agency advisory services on a month by month, 6 month or 12 month term. The advisory service also includes a best practice monthly article that can be used for IN House Training. The article will be alternate Residential Sales or Residential Property Management focused.

The terms of the agreement are:

Reasonable contact by client to Stacey Holt via phone and email for the licensee, property management team, sales team and administration team. Same day phone response if call is made before 3pm on a business day (after hours number may need to be provided as the return call may be after 5pm). If call is made after 3pm, the return call may be made on the following business day. Email best practice advice response may be provided within one business day. The advice and article provided will be general real estate agency best practice. The advice and article that will be provided is not legal advice.

Month by Month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

6 month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

12 month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

Payment terms are in advance for term of agreement via direct deposit or cheque payee Stacey Holt.

Consultancy services, Training Seminars and IN House training services are an additional service and cost.

Enquire about these services as they too can be bundled into packages.

January 23, 2010

Is it really nearly the end of January...

Wow, January has flown by and the song "Girls just wanna have fun" is ringing in my head.. (you know one of those songs that just won't get out of your brain!) Things could be worse I guess!!

What a week it has been again. Thank you again to the wonderful people that I met with, and spoke to this week. It is inspiring to work with so many motivated professional people in our Real Estate Industry.

I had a very productive week with a lot of goals kicked; thanks to my wonderful brother I am managing my own website which has been great to learn. After 16 years working with wonderful administrators, to now starting up my own business, the training wheels are definately on!

Began marketing some events this week for Brisbane, Rockhampton and Mackay; looking forward to catching up with many long term friends then.
Going out for dinner tonight then taking a few days R & R (well going to try) but no complaints from me, as this is FURKING... Lucky Me!

Until Next Time...

January 16, 2010

Sustainability Declaration

Sustainability Declaration legislation leads to confusion
Posted on Friday, January 15 2010 at 5:53 PM

Around 70 per cent of real estate agents are either not fully compliant or have made no effort to comply with Queensland’s new Sustainability Declaration legislation, according to recent research.

Wade Short of Sustainability Disclosure Services says the new legislation, which came into effect two weeks ago, has industry stakeholders confused about their obligations.

“Our office receives over 20 telephone calls per day from real estate agents asking for clarification of what their responsibilities are, yet our business is primarily based on offering a service to complete the declarations on behalf of vendors and although happy to help, this should be the responsibility of the department,” he says.

According to Short, the problem began in late December when the Minister delayed the issuing of on the spot fines, which has led some to believe that compliance isn’t necessary until March 1, which isn’t the case.

sourced from Australian Property Investor


January 15, 2010


Friday 4.30pm 15th January 2010 (Australian (QLD) time)

Subscribers to Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence mailing list received this information earlier this week.

Following is an important update about QCAT (for licensees and property managers)

QCAT has fortunately now allowed for agents to show the PAMD Form 20a (management agreement) and the front page of the tenancy agreement, in lieu of the new QCAT form Application for Leave to be Represented. This is good news for us all, if not a little confusing! But the good news is that the little confusion we’ve had now due to the Tribunal change of position is better than the possible result that the Application for Leave to Be Represented would have had for our industry if it had to be used with every application.
The information below has been supplied by QCAT with some edits made by Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence for best practice.
“A lessor's right of representation by an agent in a Tribunal proceeding lies in section 206 of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (RTRA Act) and section 23 of the RTRA Regulations. Essentially, provided the tenant has been given a notice of the agent's name and address for service in compliance with section 206(1) then under section 206(3) the agent stands in the lessor's place for 'prescribed proceedings'. Section 23 of the RTRA Regulations defines 'prescribed proceedings'.
QCAT registry practice will be to accept an application made by an agent on behalf of the lessor provided the agent lodges with the application documentation which demonstrates that the tenant has been given notice under section 206 of the RTRA Act 2008. For example, the front page of the tenancy agreement or other document that demonstrates this.
An agent relying on section 206 of the RTRA Act 2008 should come to the hearing with evidence capable of establishing that they have complied with section 206. It would be prudent and best practice for property managers to have a complete copy of the tenancy agreement and any other documents that is relevant to this issue. Such evidence could constitute copies of emails, faxes, prepaid post or details of time and dates of personal service and/or compliance with the receipt of Notice conditions of the agreement. Whether the property manager establishes this to the satisfaction of the tribunal is a question for the tribunal hearing the application and it is not appropriate that a practice direction be issued.
If an agent is unable to rely on having complied with section 206 of the RTRA Act then they must seek the leave of the tribunal to appear on behalf of the lessor. This would mean completing the QCAT form Application for Leave to Be Represented”.
Section 206 of the RTRA Act has been copied from the RTRA Act below
206 Lessor’s or agent’s name and other details
(1) On or before the day the tenant starts occupying the premises, the lessor or lessor’s agent must give a written notice to the tenant stating—

(a) the lessor’s name and address for service; or
(b) if the lessor has an agent who is authorised to stand in
the lessor’s place in a proceeding prescribed under a
regulation (the prescribed proceeding)—the agent’s
name and address for service.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

(2) If a detail mentioned in the notice changes, the lessor or agent
must give written notice of the change to the tenant within 14
days after the change.
Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

3) If details of the agent mentioned in subsection (1)(b) are given
to the tenant under this section, the agent stands in the lessor’s
place for a prescribed proceeding and, for example—
(a) the proceeding may be taken against the agent as if the
agent were the lessor; and
(b) a tribunal may make an order against the agent as if the
agent were the lessor; and
(c) settlement may be made with the agent as if the agent
were the lessor.
(4) In this section—
address for service means—
(a) for an individual—the individual’s place of residence or
place of business; or
(b) for a body corporate—the body corporate’s registered office or place of business.

Below is section 23 from the RTRA Regulations

23 Proceedings in which lessor’s agent may stand in lessor’s
place—Act, s 206(1)(b)

For section 206(1)(b) of the Act, any application a lessor or tenant may make to a tribunal is a prescribed proceeding.

In addition, refer to standard term 43 of the General Tenancy Agreement

43 Lessor’s agent

1) The name and address for service of the lessor’s agent is stated
in this agreement for item 3.
(2 Unless a special term provides otherwise, the agent may –
(a) stand in the lessor’s place in any application to a tribunal
by the lessor or the tenant; or
(b) do any thing else the lessor may do, or is required to do,
under this agreement

Remember Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence can provide IN House Training, consultancy and advisory services. I hope this advice has been of help to you and your business.


Successful people don't get many compliments

4pm Friday 15th January 2010 - (Australian (QLD) time)

I've met with some amazing people this week and after the amazing week that I've had yet again, it has got me to thinking that successful people don't get many compliments. This may sound strange to some, but one person in particular comes to mind; Kevin Turner from Real Estate talk www.realestatetalk.com.au - one of his many talented hats. He has been in the industry for many many years (must be at least 20 to 25 years) - he has ran successful agencies, been sucessful in corporate roles and a great auctioneer. He is now a radio announcer on 4BC plus co founder or RE Uncut www.reuncut.com.au. I have known Kevin for around ten years. Even from my humble beginnings as a receptionist, property manager, office manager, then corporate roles, Kevin has always been a wonderful, supportive person who has encouraged every move that I have ever taken. Now with the launch of Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence, he has again extended his welcoming hand of support. There are many others people like Kevin, who are such great ambassadors of our industry and who I like to call unsung hereos. I could name a few more... Hope Kevin doesn't mind that I have used him in particular in my thoughts today. But thanks Kevin and to all those unsung successful people who probably deserve a few more compliments.

Thanks to the amazing people I met with last week! Life is good, real estate is great and most importantly the people are fantastic!

Until next time...

January 14, 2010

and just when you thought you knew...

To say that the week so far has been entertaining would be an understatement!

Potential clients, and new clients have made contact, which has been fantastic to touch base with so many wonderful people. It is so exciting to work in an industry full of focused, motivated, career driven professional people. The enthusiasm is contagious.

I recall once, years ago, a corporate high flyer said to me when I was starting out, that 'Stacey all you need to succeed is enthusiasm and confidence; the rest will take care of itself'. How true that statement turned out to be, as today I continue that motto and belief.

People want to associate with people who are passionate, confident and enthusiastic. In reality it is difficult to maintain those high energy levels all the time, but then again, who says you have to all the time; most of the time is good enough I say!

To think that a statement made almost flippantly many years ago, continues to impact my life, is great. I am a firm believer that all events, occurrence's, comments and situations happen in our lives for a reason, good and bad. Sometimes at the time you wonder why something is happening to you, then most times you reflect and realise why that certain thing happened..... who knew...

Until next time...

January 10, 2010

Week 2 is about to begin

Well, I am hours away from officially beginning week 2 of my new business venture. I have 11 appointments with wonderful people, plus a couple of other wonderful opportunities that have come my way! More to be revealled later in the week.

This week I am focusing on some clients who've contacted me expressing their business needs. I am going to focus on plans on how my business can help their business.

I went and watched the new movie Avator today, and whilst I enjoyed it, I must say I questioned my own expectations. All I have heard is rave reviews, whilst I thought it was 'alright'. Wouldn't rate it as one of the best. Though the graphics and colour were impressive, I dare say I will quickly forget the movie. hmmm... Maybe I have become too hard to please. I have heard that it cost 50 billion to make? what the?? and that it has already made double that. Well good for them I say.

Personally I am so motivated and excited, I must be careful that I am channelling my energies into the right fields. I think I am, but as discussed in my last post, I am learning... and always hope to be.

I am looking forward to another successful and fun week! There would be a few people heading back to work tomorrow (some of us have already been around for a week)

Have a great week everybody!

Until next time...

January 9, 2010

The first week of my business

It has been an amazing week professionally and personally.

The amount of support and feedback I have received has been overwhelming and appreciated.

The aim of my business, well one of many, is to start small, but think big! Meaning the personal service means a lot to me. I am learning a lot quickly as well, which is great. Throughout my career, and still today, I have always aimed to learn at least one thing a day. I believe in education, in learning. It is probably why I love my career as a real estate educator so much.

This week's issues for the industry are still the sustainability declaration and QCAT. I encourage people to join me on Facebook - either through Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence fan page, join the group Real Estate Excellence E news (again on facebook) or subscribe to my mailing list on my website http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/. I can quickly get you up to date on these and other real estate issues.

Anyway, it is Saturday, nearly night and time to try and switch off; though I don't call this work, it is my passion and life. Lucky me!

Until next time...

January 7, 2010

but wait there is more

I feel the need to write a little more after my first edition Real Estate Excellence Industry Update.
Thank you to many of you who have contacted me in recent weeks. It means a great deal to have the support and friendshp of so many in this wonderful real estate industry.

Until next time..

January 2010 Real Estate Excellence Industry Update

Happy New Year! I am excited about the launch of my own real estate education business. If you visit my website and subscribe to the mailing list, you will be provided with relevant industry updates, best practice tips and be advised of any upcoming Real Estate Excellence public events. These relevant updates will be sent to you on a regular basis. If there are particular issues that are important to the industry, information will be sent to you as soon as it comes to hand.

Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence has been established to continue assisting the industry to strive for excellence. The focus of the business is real estate industry education in three key areas
· Best practice;
· Risk management; and
· Compliance.

Industry Update

The Queensland government are proposing new safety switch laws. For more information visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/ and click on Useful Information. From there, visit safety switch laws. There is further education and information on issues such as Sustainability, QCAT, pool fencing and new Industrial Awards for the Industry.

How is the Sustainability Declaration going for you and your business? I would love to know if you have any feedback. I sure hope that it hasn’t caused too much grief for your business. Regrettably, some of the Industry appear to have misunderstood the fact that the new laws apply to every residential sales listing as at 1 January 2010; not new listings as at that date. Also, whilst the government have put an amnesty for fines until 1 March 2010, the law is still in force now. Visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/ for more information. An IN House training session on sustainability (and a vast range of other sessions) can be presented to your business. Alternatively, you may wish to consider utilising the advisory services. Advisory services can be packaged month to month, quarterly, 6 months or 12 months. The choice is yours.

How is QCAT going for property managers? Please provide any feedback and comments. I have heard of some delays in hearings however regrettably that is probably to be expected given the massive change that QCAT brought to not only our industry, but also to the Judicial systems. The forms are also very different to what we’ve all been used to. One of the key changes (there are many) is the requirement to complete a statutory form “Application for Leave to be presented’. This form is required to be completed by agents to apply to the Tribunal for approval to represent the client. Representation in QCAT by an agent of a lessor is not an automatic right. Visit http://www.qcat.qld.gov.au/ or ask the Registrar at your local court house if you have any questions.

My intention is to keep these updates and blogs personal. I pride the business as being professional, just like the real estate industry itself, I will always strive for the personal touch, because after all, isn’t that the success for all businesses- Personal service.
Best wishes for a successful 2010 for you and your business.

Until next time

Stacey Holt

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I welcome any feedback, so please feel free to email me. Also, I welcome any ideas on what you would like Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence to provide in these updates to assist you, your business and the industry. Please encourage colleagues to subscribe to the mailing list updates if you feel that they will benefit from receiving them. Thank you.