January 7, 2010

January 2010 Real Estate Excellence Industry Update

Happy New Year! I am excited about the launch of my own real estate education business. If you visit my website and subscribe to the mailing list, you will be provided with relevant industry updates, best practice tips and be advised of any upcoming Real Estate Excellence public events. These relevant updates will be sent to you on a regular basis. If there are particular issues that are important to the industry, information will be sent to you as soon as it comes to hand.

Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence has been established to continue assisting the industry to strive for excellence. The focus of the business is real estate industry education in three key areas
· Best practice;
· Risk management; and
· Compliance.

Industry Update

The Queensland government are proposing new safety switch laws. For more information visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/ and click on Useful Information. From there, visit safety switch laws. There is further education and information on issues such as Sustainability, QCAT, pool fencing and new Industrial Awards for the Industry.

How is the Sustainability Declaration going for you and your business? I would love to know if you have any feedback. I sure hope that it hasn’t caused too much grief for your business. Regrettably, some of the Industry appear to have misunderstood the fact that the new laws apply to every residential sales listing as at 1 January 2010; not new listings as at that date. Also, whilst the government have put an amnesty for fines until 1 March 2010, the law is still in force now. Visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/ for more information. An IN House training session on sustainability (and a vast range of other sessions) can be presented to your business. Alternatively, you may wish to consider utilising the advisory services. Advisory services can be packaged month to month, quarterly, 6 months or 12 months. The choice is yours.

How is QCAT going for property managers? Please provide any feedback and comments. I have heard of some delays in hearings however regrettably that is probably to be expected given the massive change that QCAT brought to not only our industry, but also to the Judicial systems. The forms are also very different to what we’ve all been used to. One of the key changes (there are many) is the requirement to complete a statutory form “Application for Leave to be presented’. This form is required to be completed by agents to apply to the Tribunal for approval to represent the client. Representation in QCAT by an agent of a lessor is not an automatic right. Visit http://www.qcat.qld.gov.au/ or ask the Registrar at your local court house if you have any questions.

My intention is to keep these updates and blogs personal. I pride the business as being professional, just like the real estate industry itself, I will always strive for the personal touch, because after all, isn’t that the success for all businesses- Personal service.
Best wishes for a successful 2010 for you and your business.

Until next time

Stacey Holt

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I welcome any feedback, so please feel free to email me. Also, I welcome any ideas on what you would like Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence to provide in these updates to assist you, your business and the industry. Please encourage colleagues to subscribe to the mailing list updates if you feel that they will benefit from receiving them. Thank you.

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