October 31, 2012

Property Management Excellence Convention 2012

Knowledge is Power

What does that mean in reality and how can it help me in property management?

Principles of paperwork completion and the foundation of Property Management


First Class 'ordinary' property managers doing an extraordinary job - what do they do?

5 Property Managers discuss what they do and provide great tips for us all.

Technology in property management

Will it save time and how does it make property management 'easier'? Recording devices, Ipad, "apps", and more - a great discussion to come!

Negotiation skills

How do I negotiate with existing lessors but also negotiate to help win 'new business'?

Tips and Scripts on how to win the business plus negotiate and educate with landlords on every day property management matters including maintenance. The session will cover rent arrears, lease renewals and other practical property management matters.

Where is our industry heading?

Where we have come from, where we are and where we should be heading (crystal ball moment)

Litigation and risk management are part of any industry. This discussion will focus on risk management principles of today and moving forward into tomorrow.

Session includes morning and afternoon tea plus lunch
The RTA will be a guest presenter on the day plus Hannah's Foundation

October 28, 2012

Please help me to help them, thank you

As most of you know, a lovely family that I care so much about lost their beautiful 2 year old boy in a recent drowning. I am going to become a corporate sponsor of #HannahsFoundation - a non profit organisation that has helped so many - including me in my recent hour of need. Please help me help them x

November Real Estate Excellence Member Update 2012

The following information will be included in the Real Estate Excellence Member Update. The update will be emailed to Members Sunday 28th October 2012 due to the importance of the information to provide to members.

Member Update
PAMD Act – an update
Pool laws – a best practice letter for tenants
Community management statement
New RTA forms have commenced
The “Gumnut” case
Licensee Convention 2013
4 and 5
5 and 6
Licensee/Administration Best Practice
·        Best Practice recommendations for agency risk management and best practice – sales and property management. Inspections and maintenance
9 to 17

For more information regarding membership, please visit www.realestateexcellence.com.au

October 21, 2012

Pool Safety for tenants in Queensland

Tenant renting property with a swimming pool

Tenants are responsible for ensuring that the gate is kept closed and that there are not any objects that would allow children to access the pool.

If a person renting a property buys a pool that requires pool safety barriers, the owner of the pool must ensure the pool has a compliant pool safety barrier.

Portable pools and spas

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Portable pools and spas can pose a serious safety risk to young children.

A number of child drownings in recent years have occurred in portable pools and spas so it is important to consider the safety of young children around these pools.

Portable pools and spas excluded from the new laws

Queensland's pool safety laws do not apply to portable pools or spas that:

  • cannot be filled with more than 300mm of water
  • have a maximum volume of 2000 litres
  • have no filtration system.

All 3 criteria above must be met to be excluded. Many models of portable pools sold at department stores and pool shops meet these criteria, but you should check before buying.

Portable pools and spas covered by the new laws

If your portable pool or spa can hold more than 300 mm of water, has a volume of more than 2000 litres or has a filtration system, the new laws apply to you. You will need to:

  • obtain a certificate from a licensed building certifier stating that your pool complies with the pool safety standard, before filling the pool or spa with more than 300mm of water
  • obtain a building approval
  • register your pool or spa.

If your portable pool is disassembled and does not hold more than 300mm of water, it does not need to comply with the pool safety standard until it is assembled and filled with more than 300mm of water.

Improve your pool safety

The Queensland Government's pool safety awareness campaign calls on parents, those supervising children and pool owners to follow the ABC of pool safety:

  • Always supervise your children near a pool.
  • Begin swimming lessons for your children.
  • Close the pool gate and keep your fence maintained.
  • Ensure that there are no climbable objects near the pool fence and gate. This includes pot plants, BBQ’s, chairs, tables or items that children can use to access the pool. (it is illegal to have climbable objects near the pool).

Did you know?

  • Child drownings in Queensland swimming pools accounts for one quarter of all paediatric injury deaths and is the most common cause of traumatic death for children aged 1 to 4 years.
  • Approximately half of all drownings involving children under 5 years occurred in residential swimming pools.
  • For every child drowning, up to 14 children are taken to hospital emergency departments, and 4 are admitted to hospital.
  • Approximately 6-7% of children will develop neurological deficits and will be permanently disabled or die as a consequence of nearly drowning.
  • It is estimated that for every child taken to hospital emergency departments, there are 10 near misses—that is, children suffering immersion who are quickly rescued.

This information has been sourced from www.hpw.qld.gov.au October 2012 by www.realestateexcellence.com.au

October 14, 2012

Real Estate Excellence Member Update Mid October 2012

The Real Estate Excellence www.realestateexcellence.com.au Mid October Member update will include the following information. Members will be emailed the Update this week.

Member Update
·        Pool laws – an update
·        New RTA forms reminder
·        Routine maintenance/inspection risk management  
Licensee/Administration Best Practice
·        Real Estate Fraud prevention guidelines
Residential Sales Best Practice
·        The importance of ensuring marketing is not misleading - $800 000 fine
Residential Property Management Best Practice
·        The two greatest myths in property management – rent increases and repeated breaches

October 2, 2012

Member Update October - Special Edition

The October Real Estate Excellence Member Update is to be emailed to all Members on the 2nd October 2012.

The special Member Update edition will include the following information

* Landlord information sheet to be provided to lessor's regarding the coroners recommendations and the importance of building and termite inspections with instructions sought with the recommendation
* Review of Queensland hot water system laws
* Agency wins commission due to the effective cause of sale
* Community management statement removal update (sales

Licensee/Administration Update with information about the coroners recommendations into the tragic death of a child in a rental property due to a faulty deck.
Sales best practice advice regarding sales properties with identified risk and or maintenance
Advice to property managers on immediate review recommendations in light of the coroners report.
Plus information about upcoming Routine Inspection/Maintenance training being held throughout Queensland in October and November http://realestateexcellenceacademy.eventbrite.com.au/

For more information about Real Estate Excellence and or Membership, visit www.realestateexcellence.com.au