January 25, 2010

Advisory Services now available

Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence can provide phone and email real estate agency advisory services on a month by month, 6 month or 12 month term. The advisory service also includes a best practice monthly article that can be used for IN House Training. The article will be alternate Residential Sales or Residential Property Management focused.

The terms of the agreement are:

Reasonable contact by client to Stacey Holt via phone and email for the licensee, property management team, sales team and administration team. Same day phone response if call is made before 3pm on a business day (after hours number may need to be provided as the return call may be after 5pm). If call is made after 3pm, the return call may be made on the following business day. Email best practice advice response may be provided within one business day. The advice and article provided will be general real estate agency best practice. The advice and article that will be provided is not legal advice.

Month by Month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

6 month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

12 month Investment $ Contact Stacey Holt

Payment terms are in advance for term of agreement via direct deposit or cheque payee Stacey Holt.

Consultancy services, Training Seminars and IN House training services are an additional service and cost.

Enquire about these services as they too can be bundled into packages.

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