February 6, 2010

The week that was...

Saturday 6th February 2010

It has been a huge week in the business which is fantastic! I had a diverse week, with a mix of Auction training for a group, consulting with property managers for a day on the coast, then a workshop with sales people focusing on sustainability and contracts. An interesting mix of subjects and topics, and with great people!

I was reminded (not that I ever forget) what the 'real world' in real estate was like this week, when one of my clients phoned me just as I was arriving at the office for our 8am consulting appointment to say that she was racing to a property as she has received a phone call to say that water was running everywhere at this vacant property. After a disaster was quickly managed, the client informed and steps taken to 'fix' the problem, we then settled in for a fantastic productive meeting!
( I must comment on this client; an agent of 21 years, licensee for 10 - and wow, she has the energy and passion that would be the envy of most) I walked away from her feeling energised (and maybe a little bit exhausted) - just kidding. People like that are remarkable.

Late Friday afternoon (4th February) I received confirmation that the Office of Fair Trading QLD will do a presentation to our industry on March 17 2010. Which will be fantastic!

The events being held across the state are getting alot of interest and registrations, thank you to those who have registered! We are going to have great property management and sales training workshops!

Until next time...

and ps. the week that was FANTASTIC! and I love my iphone! (am wondering how did I live without it?

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