February 14, 2010

Commericalism and special events in our lives

February 14 2010

As I walked through my local shopping centre this morning, I got to thinking of an old debate about certain special events of the year, Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day to name but a few events that are special to most of us.

As I stumbled past the vast array of flowers and chocolates (that even I felt guilty for not getting some for my loved one) I then ran into the HUGE array of Easter eggs! What the???

Most of us have long questioned the commercial reality as opposed to the reality of certain days that are marked on our calendars by 'others' (not us). We of course choose whether we celebrate these days that are told to us by other to 'celebrate'. There are a few of us in our society who choose not to celebrate the days; either at all, or particularly not in a commercial sense.

Every day in a relationship should be valentines day; and yes I know, relationships are not a 'bed of roses' - pardon the pun. Nor am I looking at life and relationships through 'rose coloured glasses' - again pardon the pun...

But seriously, relationships are not easy - nothing worthwhile is; but in saying that why is one day chosen in which we turn to our significant other and 'appreciate them' and shower them with gifts of which we've normally paid a huge mark up on as the day comes to quickly after Christmas and we all so busy with 'life'.

My point, my observation is to try and live all our lives like everyday is Christmas (celebrate) like it is Valentines Day (appreciate and love our other) and like Easter (eat good chocolate) Why wait for that one day of the year?

Until next time...

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