February 13, 2010


February 13th 2010

Don't you find it amazing to look back on your life, either professionally or personally and realities hit home as to why certain things have happened. The old saying 'everything happens for a reason' is something I believe in; the problem with that is, at the time of something happening in your life, we may not know why it actually happened, but some time later, days, months or even years, the 'reason' becomes apparent.

I have had a few moments like that this week; some too personal to explain but some I can. Regarding my career, it has been a long amazing, sometimes tiring journey. That journey is still continuing and is far from over I know. But the stages are certainly very different; I reflect back on my early days with Bill Hamilton and Co Real Estate (now Ray White Biloela) when I first began. I laugh greatly about some memories of those first days, especially when the property manager at the time said 'rent arrears' - I had to ask what rent arrears were! Oh my goodness did I really admit that!! I was only 19! (think there is a song called that, but a much more serious issue that one)

I then moved onto Ray White Rockhampton for many wonderful years, then Ray White Corporate. After that the REIQ and now here I am (gee I know I fast forwarded those reflections :) but let me tell you, there are many poignant moments in my career that I have recently realised why that 'event' happened. During a presentation to licensee's this week (in a licensee workshop, I found myself saying Real Estate is all I Know, and that is so true. Though I did do bar and restuarant work at the Boomerang Hotel Mackay but that story is a novel in itself :)

I am blessed to have and to have had such amazing people surrounding me, supporting me and believing in me. Sadly some of those great people dropped off (and I don't mean where we all end up one day) a long the way, which is unfortunate however there are three reasons they say that we meet people, for a reason, for a season,or for a lifetime.

Life is good, no complaints. Another great week for my business. Onwards and Upwards as my dear old friend said to me last night (thanks Ray)

Until next time..

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