February 6, 2010

About Stacey Holt - Real Estate Excellence

Stacey Holt began the business Real Estate Excellence in January 2010 to continue and expand on an already extensive and successful real estate career. Prior to the launch of her own business, Stacey had 8 years in agency practice in regional Queensland, followed by 2 years in a franchise corporate role. After the franchise role, Stacey then spent six years in a corporate position, as an industry trainer and then best practice and policy manager based in Brisbane, for the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ).

The corporate position saw Stacey travel around Queensland on a regular basis educating the real estate industry on issues relating to best practice, policy and legislation. Stacey, in her former corporate role, consulted with government on a range of issues that greatly affect the industry including the Sustainability Declaration and the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act.

In addition, Stacey has been a speaker at many Queensland and National conferences, authored regular monthly articles for a Real Estate Journal and has written and presented numerous real estate training programs. The many programs that have been written and presented by Stacey have all had the three main streams and focus required for today's real estate professional; best practice, compliance and risk management.

Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence sees the beginning of a new era of service and education Excellence for the Real Estate Industry. Today’s real estate professional needs expertise from an industry specialist who can assist the business in compliance, best practice and risk management in no nonsense fashion.

One of Stacey’s areas of expertise is her ability to ‘plain speak’ the law and explain complicated legislation in a simple way that we can all understand! Stacey is also well known for her passion and legislative knowledge and is a firm believer of keeping things simple in her delivery of real estate education. Knowledge is Power has long been a motto of Stacey’s which has seen her continue to prosper in the industry of professional Real Estate.

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I have great pleasure in providing some feedback regarding Stacey Holt of Real Estate Excellence of whom I have known for many years in a professional capacity.

I am co-director of a large franchise office in Australia and over the last decade we have worked very hard to build the company and take it forward as professionally and progressively as possible. This would not have been possible without listening and learning from those in this industry that have proven expertise and knowledge about the legislative and practical side of real estate and fewer are held in higher regard across this diverse industry as Stacey Holt.

I first came into contact with Stacey when she was working for an agency in Rockhampton and a chance introduction and debate about tenancy policy at that time was all that was required for me to ascertain I was debating with a most knowledgeable and professional individual.

It therefore came as no surprise to me when I learned that Stacey had later been appointed as a best practice and policy manager for the REIQ and over a period of 6 years continued to advise agencies in areas of best practice in both small forums and large conference speeches in her own plain speaking and knowledgeable manner.

Now though her company Real Estate Excellence we as an industry have a new ability to receive best practice advice personalised to us individually in our roles and I would encourage any person serious about success in real estate to swiftly acquaint themselves with Real Estate Excellence or risk operating in an industry where ignorance is no defence and the differences between success and failure are slim, so there would be no good reason not to ensure you protect yourselves, families and careers through best practice operations of your office.

If any person reading this would like further insight into Stacey’s background or information on the benefits of engaging an individual of this caliber from an independent third party then I would have no hesitation in inviting them to contact me.

I have watched with interest as Stacey has developed her skills in all areas of real estate. Stacey has been a guest on our radio show on a number of occasions and speaks with confidence and authority on a broad range of real estate topics.

Stacey's new business will allow her to focus on what I know she enjoys and that is the development of people. She has a wonderful communication style and an ability to impart a lot of knowledge and instill confidence. I wish her every success. I have no hesitation in recommending Stacey Holt and Real Estate Excellence.


Although I have personally known Stacey Holt for more than eight years, our company have had the pleasure of utilising Stacey Holt for training in Qld for the last three years.

Her presentation style oozes energy and passion, she has the ability to keep an audience enthralled, no matter how heavy the topic. She is a crusader for our industry and agents should feel blessed that Stacey is available for training and assistance.

Personally, I have always found Stacey to be an extremely diligent person, I believe she has an analytical mind and her wealth of Legislation knowledge is exceptional, which gives agents peace of mind that any question, query or concern that is given to Stacey to address is not answered unless she is 100% sure her answer is correct.

In all my dealings with Stacey, I have found her to be honest, loyal and a person of high integrity and ethics.

The writer/s of these testimonials details can be provided upon request.
February 6th 2010

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