February 20, 2010

What's next!

Saturday 20 February 2010

WOW, what another exciting, adventurous and very interesting week it has been both personally and professionally.

The business hit a few exciting milestones this past week, including my first interstate client, my 5th advisory client (on agreement) and secured two 12 month IN House Training Agreements. Plus, one of the highest moments of the week was working with one office in particular; their professionalism, class, knowledge and hunger for education had me wanting to jump as high as I could in the sky! Love working with some amazing wonderful motivate professionals, as is indicative of much of the real estate industry.

Personally, we got a new family car - a MINI Cooper S, Black - after having a black car years ago, which I loved, I swore I would never get another black one as it is very hard to clean! But as they say, never say NEVER! I love the mini, very cool with sunroof and leather seats plus other cool options.

Until next time...

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