May 30, 2013

Upcoming Property Management webinars from Real Estate Excellence

The following webinars will be scheduled soon -

Where do these laws come from and why you need to know (July 18th)
* pools
* safety switches
* writing of special terms prohibited by agents
* smoke alarms

Time management tips and prioritisation for property managers (19th July)

Significant breaches of tenancy by tenants - what are they and what do they mean? (26th July)

Significant changes to tenancies upon renewal - what they are and what can happen? (1st August)

Urgent applications to  QCAT - what are they? (2nd August)

Tenancy databases - listing and the law

PAMD Split - what does it mean for the industry (members only)

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  1. We should not allow our business to suffer and use our skills to ensure that we will not back off in any challenges. We have to make use of our skill as Investment in Real Estate owner. We have to make sure to keep on pressuring our business to keep its success.

  2. Rental properties are being marketed continually, and should therefore be of adequate quality to survive long periods of exposure to the elements. Don’t let a cut-rate price turn your head for a short term solution to your long range needs. Property signage experts can provide you with expert advice on quality and durability of this major purchase.

  3. To maximize time efficiency and to ensure all of the major sections of the home are take into consideration, we have developed a systematized approach to the inspection. This is a simplified overview of systems that professional home inspectors use when they are inspecting a management phoenix