May 23, 2013

Training videos online for property managers (PME system)

The following training videos form part the PME system. . The list will continue to grow but for now here is what is available to view anytime online with your staff or when you have new staff. Each training video is an estimated 30 minutes in length.

PAMD Form 20a quick tips

Termination of management agreements

Carrying out a rental appraisal

Entry condition reports

Exit condition reports and risk management

Processing tenancy applications

How to complete breach notices

Explaining the management agreement to the owner

Routine inspection tips

Advertising property, showing property and owner feedback

Tips for using PME

QCAT Form 2

Landlord obligations including disclosure

Tips on using the RTRA Act

Rental properties for sale

Tips for newcomers and refresher for the experienced PM

Property Managers Did you Know - common myths

Tips on how to be an excellent property manager

Break leases - the law and best practice

PAMD Code of Conduct for property managers

5 reasons a notice to leave can be issued to a tenant

PM Development programme

7 ways to legally end a tenancy

Tenant obligations and the RTRA Act

Maintenance the law and best practice

Binding a tenant lawfully

Questions that all property managers should know the answers too

Questions that all property managers should know the answer too - Part 2

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Management agreement best practice update regarding the continuing appointment and end date

Would you like to know more about the PME (Property Management Excellence) system which is an exclusive benefit optional for Platinum Elite members of Real Estate Excellence?

If so, please contact Stacey Holt

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