May 8, 2013

Licensee and Senior Property Management Forum

The following forum will be held in many areas of Queensland during May, June and July 2013.
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Stacey Holt will present the following forum discussing critical maters regarding property management businesses. This forum WILL assist your business. 5 minute video overview of the session can be viewed at this link

The following topics will be included in the session;

- Tips on how to audit your agency files and what to look for

- How to train staff effectively, efficiently and cheaply

- Top ten mistakes property managers make (unintentionally) & what to do if these mistakes are being made in your business

- What you must know as a licensee about property management for compliance, risk management and best practice - RTRA Act, PAMD, QCAT and other relevant industry matters

Plus a general industry update will be included as part of the session.

Each attendee will be able to request the following resources after the session

* completed PAMD Form 20a

* a best practice audit review of routine inspections and maintenance (62 recommendations) and much more

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  1. These forums got the most valuable experience. A new property manager have to learn a lot from them. Ventura property management is also a reliable name.