May 27, 2013

Real Estate Excellence June Member Update

Member Update - June 2013 - 21 page edition

Webinar training calendar June 2013

Licensee training programme – licensee and senior property management forum

PM training programme – vacates, bonds, disputes and QCAT training

Nominated staff details

Member forms online at sugar sync

No liability found for injury where glass panel did not meet current Australian standards

National Occupational Licensing Scheme update

JP's to hear QCAT matters as of 3rd June update

Update from Fair Work Australia

Landlord newsletter this month - taxation and property management expenses

PME users update – new feature (regular column)

Licensee/Administration Best Practice

Recent sales court decisions – settlement and finance


Sales Best Practice

Salespeople and rental properties


Property Management Best Practice

Termination of management agreements including the end date insertion (completed best practice copy of PAMD form 20a included as attachment)
Solar panels and rental property


Information about the PME system (Platinum Members)

Disclaimer – on the last page

Landlord newsletter topic letter (attached to the Member update each month)

Rental Property Expenses
Emailed to Members of Real Estate Excellence on the 3rd June 2013

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