May 28, 2013

Time management tips for Property Managers

Property management involves many tasks and it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed if tasks are not clearly understood or not clearly set out. It is recommended that property managers write out the following;

 What are daily tasks that have to be done?

 What tasks must be done weekly?

 What tasks have to be done at certain times of the month?

 What must be done each fortnight?

 What must be done each month?

Once the above tasks have been written down, create an ideal week and ideal month plan.
Ideal means ideal, not perfect. Property managers should have a guide and goals in order to carry out their required tasks successfully. If a plan is not followed, there usually is a crisis reactive management environment; as opposed to a proactive controlled management situation. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed in property management which leads to frustration personally and is also is a significant risk factor to the agency in general.

Refer to Chaper 23 of the PME manual (for PME users) for more tips and best practice forms to help with time management.


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