February 1, 2011

Recommendations and Advice to Property Managers and Agent facing a natural disaster

One of the lessons learnt by industry in recent weeks and months due to Natural Disasters is lack of disaster management plans.

One of the major short term implications of natural disasters such as the Qld floods has been the overwhelming enquiry from lessors as opposed to tenants.

Agents should implement communicaiton strategies to inform lessors of what is happening and also that more information will be provided as it comes to hand. It is quite natural and to be expected that lessors are anxious during these times as they are worried about their invesments, however agents need to ensure that there is a communication strategy in place.

Of course one of the most important matters that needs to be addressed is tenant communication as these people are potentially going to be greatly affected as it is their 'home' that may be affected. Also ensure there is a communication strategy in place for tenants.

Lastly, ensure all agency tradespeople and contractors are on standy where possible to deal with the emergency propety maintenance situations.

Agents and Property Managers may find the Real Estate Agency Best Practice Guide of great benefit whilst planning and then heading into disaster recovery.

The Guide can be dowloaded from http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/component/docman/cat_view/35-best-practice-forms-and-information/44-flood-and-disaster-management-?orderby=dmdate_published

There are over 35 useful documents in this category.

Best wishes to all

Stacey Holt


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