February 24, 2011

The Property Management Revolution - we cannot keep doing what we have always done

The Real Estate Industry has changed dramatically in recent years; mainly due to increased legislation, risk of litigation and extraordinary demands from consumers.

Property Management has most certainly changed in recent years with new legislation involving tenancy laws, smoke alarms, safety switches and pool safety bringing major changes since 2007.

One of the biggest challenges for property managers is time and increasing demands on services and obligations. We cannot keep doing what we have always done is a statement that must today challenge Real Estate Licensees and Property Managers. We must review our property management business model and challenge the past concepts as quite simply; the past systems are not working today.

The traditional property manager managing in excess of 150 properties today is most likely struggling and finding it hard to cope with the expectations. Property Management today is vastly different to even five years ago; therefore our current business models must be rethought. I have said for many years (and many agree and say the same thing) that property managers have an 'incorrect title'; they are more people managers than property managers. Given that today's property manager must carry out so many administrative, often time consuming tasks, plus negotiate, communicate, educate and 'manage'; it is no wonder that many are crying out for help.

Real Estate Excellence is currently offering in March 2011 on the Sunshine Coast and North plus South Brisbane, a fresh innovative challenging new programme called "Secrets to Growth Exposed". The session was recently held on the Gold Coast; below is one of the many unsolicited emails that were received after the session;

" Dear Stacey,

What a fantastic and very timely session we had yesterday. Due to this session I have had a very late night though very productive.

I have totally restructured our office and staff; I have woken this morning feeling positive with a plan of setting our foundations firm before moving forward.

My intentions are for the next 8 weeks putting into motion my new plans and tweaking them as issues arise. We will then if all is flowing as it should within the boundaries of our job start prospecting to build.

I cannot thank you enough, you always manage to give me exactly what I need to keep motivated and engaged within my role.

I look forward to future seminars with you.

With heart felt thanks " (name withheld for privacy)

For more information about the program; contact Stacey Holt stacey.holt@realestateexcellence.com.au - I guarantee that you will gain many valuable realistic tips and ideas to improve and grow your business. The only thing that will stop you is you from implementation.

I am hoping to also hold this session throughout Queensland in 2011.
This session can also be held interstate.

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