February 15, 2011

Time Management and Property Management

One of the most common frustrations I hear from property managers (and have heard for almost two decades now) is having lack of time to do so much.

Today's property manager has an amazing role; a role that is to be respected and commended. Most industries though are screaming out as well; there is so much pressure on most of us to perform more for less.

I see that one of the main problems faced by property managers is that they say 'yes' too easily. Don't worry, I know that Real Estate is a customer service focused industry; my point is that they say yes too easily to too many people which results in one ultimate outcome 'crisis management'.

Proactive management is about saying yes BUT... not everything has to be dealt with right now, not everyone realistically expects an answer right now etc. It is up to property managers to take control, assess requests from clients and customers and realistically deliver a great service to all within a reasonable time period.

What does this mean?
Remember the ole' great saying "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail". Well it is true. Many superb property managers don't have a written plan (nor written goals); it is mostly in their brilliant minds. They don't understand that your wonderful mind can only take so much, and when it has so many 'plans' and expectations racing through, you are no doubt going to fumble, struggle and suffer greatly from stress.

An ideal daily and weekly plan is just that, IDEAL. Nothing is perfect, but a plan is needed. For example, arrears a daily task for my portfolio managers. Are arrears completed at roughly the same time each day as part of the plan OR are they done whenever we get there? If it is there latter answer, you may well be running on crisis management.

Real Estate Excellence has an hour of power time management session that can be delivered in your office at any time including breakfast meeting, during the day or after work 'social drinks'.

One of the key messages I aim to empower property managers of today with is 'you are in control' - do not let anyone else control your day. It can be done, trust me. It takes a plan, determination, belief, education and discipline.
Stacey Holt

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