February 19, 2011

A new programme to help you grow your Rent Roll

The Property Management Revolution -  “The secrets to Growth Exposed”

This interactive and practical property management workshop focuses on the property management revolution; how to achieve growth within your business.

This fresh innovative program will discuss many keys aspects to assist your business in taking it to the new level including

• Have you got the right structure for retention and growth?

• Do you provide extraordinary service?

• What is your point of difference?

• Why would a client choose your office over your competitor?

• Do you have a written plan and goals?

• Tips on how to stand out from the rest

• Database management of prospective clients

• Prospecting and marking tips

• Compliance and best practice completion of the PAMD Form 20a (or management agreement ouside of Queensland)

• How to win the business every time including scripts and dialogues on how to close the sale!

This programme is filled with many realistic, practical cost effective tips to assist any real estate business grow their rent roll.

* the programme can be held anywhere in Australia.

The programme is currently being presented in South East Queensland - Gold Coast 23rd February, Sunshine Coast 16th March, North Brisbane 22nd March and South Brisbane 30th March 2011. It can also be delivered as private IN House Training/Consultancy session.

Contact Stacey Holt for more information stacey.holt@realestateexcellence.com.au

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