July 30, 2011

Real Estate Licensees (employer) responsibilties - Drug Labs

With the ever increasing issue of Drug labs being found in properties across Australia, the importance of awareness and training has never been more paramount.

Regrettably, Drug (Meth, Speed, Clan) labs have extremely toxic chemicals and are sometimes at risk of explosion. Given that sales people and property managers spend much of their careers walking in and out of property, the risk is potentially high of danger being found or exposure to dangers.

It is a general duty of employers to ensure their staff are safe, trained and educated in many areas; particularly in areas of risk of their safety.

Real Estate Excellence has long been advocating awareness of this wretched societal issue and is now proud to provide at a very low cost to ALL Australian Real Estate Agencies a short training presentation to use to training staff plus provide a wealth of information for a mere $55 including GST. For more information about this service please visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/component/docman/cat_view/36-qld-compliance-and-best-practice/26-property-management-information?orderby=dmdate_published or email stacey.holt@realestateexcellence.com.au

For information generally about this issue, please visit http://www.realestateexcellence.com.au/component/docman/cat_view/38-risk-management-and-industry-important-matters/56-drugs-in-property?orderby=dmdate_published


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