July 5, 2011

What happens to declined tenancy applications?

Under the Federal Privacy Act there is a requirement to disclose how information is kept and stored and what will be done with people's personal information that is collected.

In the case of applications for tenancy that are not accepted, most agencies have a policy that they shred documents or dispose of them in appropriate paper waste privacy bins within 4 weeks of application (or some other time frame). The prospective tenant whose application was not successful must be aware of this policy under the Privacy Act. An example of compliance is to have a disclosure on the agency application form about the privacy policy and/or you could advise the tenant when you phone them to decline their application. At the stage of disclosure upon non acceptance, the tenant should be given an opportunity to retrieve their personal information prior to disposal.

The best adage is  "if it is not in writing, it doesn't exist" -  agencies cannot  go wrong with this policy.
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