July 11, 2011

Future Property Agents Act Update (QLD)

We could all be forgiven for being confused regarding what is happening with the Property Agents Act and other relevant Acts which are to replace the PAMD Act. The Government (until recent weeks) have stated publicly on their website www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au that the new Act was expected to commence as of 1 July 2011.  This of course is not the case.

Whilst no one in the Industry would be overly disappointed that the new Act has not commenced given the costs to businesses when such change occurs; a lot of industry are frustrated as to the sudden request from Government in regards to calling for submissions yet again on the Acts. Submissions are due on the 20th July 2011. Real Estate Excellence will be writing a submission on behalf of Members and the Industry in general.

There is great confusion as to what is actually happening. Real Estate Excellence has written today to the Deputy Premier and Minister for Fair Trading Mr Paul Lucas asking for clarification in regards to our industry’s future legislation and requested more information.

Real Estate Excellence will provide updates to Members in coming days and weeks; when information comes to hand. The Mid July Member Update is due out later this week.  If you are not a Financial Member of Real Estate Excellence, and would like more information, simply email Stacey Holt. Bronze Agency Membership is only $11 per week including GST – there are five membership options.

This information is current as at 11th July 2011.

To review the bills, visit www.parliament.qld.gov.au  

Thank you to ADL www.adlsoftware.com.au who late last week sent an email out to their clients and the industry to bring the matter to our attention.

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