March 27, 2010

Has basic customer service been forgotten?

March 27th 2010

As I write this I am on a plane heading to Alice Springs to speak at a National Real Estate Conference. The flight has got me to thinking about an issue that I have already previously in part addressed; customer service. I recently canvassed the question does anyone say please anymore? These past two weeks has got me to thinking quite a lot about customer service and the important of going back to basics.

I have had the pleasure and privilege this past fortnight to travel to Rockhampton, Gladstone, Toowoomba, Ipswich and have had several real estate training presentations in Brisbane. I must comment on the amount of positive and very pleasant experiences that I have had with our own real estate industry. But outside influences have had me considering the customer service principles. For example; a very well known non budget airline that I am flying with this morning have got me thinking whether they are worth the extra monies compared to the lower budget airlines. The service by most from this particular business is almost appalling! As an example; I found myself apologising in a very professional way for bothering them to get me a cup of tea! It was if i was a huge imposition on their day. I had to think myself as to what actually is an air hostess position when we are on flights.... then I remembered, to serve the customer and be of assistance in case we needed assistance or something like that.

As I write this, and reflect on today’s service, and other businesses (outside of real e state that I have dealt with recently ) I remember the true reality that some of us may not think about, and that is ‘the people I have dealt with today’ are just that ‘people. Meaning that aren’t people in business so powerful (not only the staff but customers), they can make or break a company/business. Such as I am actually thinking will I renew by membership to a certain club when flying, is it worth it? This is how much impact service by people obviously has on a business.

The power of one is a statement that can be explained in some many ways. Business owners should more than ever be considering spending their hard earned money on training their staff and going back to basics. The true value of each customer, of each person that comes into contact with your business should be clearly understood by all staff. In this extremely competitive business world for us all, i know that I am certainly realising the power and importance of every person that makes contact with my business. MY aim is to make the person I am with (whether it be one or a group of 100) feel like they are the most important person in my business during that time that we are in contact, and hopefully that experience will be remembered and shared positively with others. Most businesses are here for the long term; I know that my business Stacey Holt Real Estate Excellence is here for the long haul and I am determined to always remind myself (and future staff) of the customer service back to basics principle.

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