April 12, 2010

the diverse roles of a real estate agent and property manager

12th April 2010 7am

I was reminded this past weeked of the amazing role that agents play in people's lives. I often think of the privileged role agents play for people; as agents we get to see the best and sometimes the worst of people. Thankfully more often we see the best. Not only do agents deal with property, they also deal with human emotions, financial issues and real life issues such as domestic violence, which is a very unfortunate part of society.

This past weekend, one of my advisory clients had a death of a tenant. These agents not only have to deal with the sad passing of a tenant (a person, a human being) but the death occurred at the property. The licensee and property managers now have to deal with the family of the person who passed, but also, their legal focus is to ensure that their landlord's best interests are protected.

I have long said that the role of a property manager is to 'maximise their clients income whilst managing minimising the risks'. However in this situation, it is more than 'technical process' for an agent; it is also emotional.

Real estate agents have long been stereotyped, very unfairly I must say. Every industry has its own 'bad eggs' - there are people who are poor accountants, lawyers, waitresses, car detailers etc (you get my point) - but for who knows what reason, most agents are not favoured. Why I ask? Majority of agents are exceptional people who are passionate about what they do.

Remember this next time you think of a real estate agent; how many professions have the possibility of doing all (listed below) in one day whilst at work;

* bank manager
* debt collector
* marriage counseller
* grief counseller
* lawyer
* builder
* interior designer
* inspector
* accountant
* negotiator
and the list goes on and on!

For all those agents out there, good on you! You are exceptional people who are underrated by some of the community.

Until next time..

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