April 25, 2010

Customer Service can make or break a business

Sunday 25th April 2010 10am - Anzac Day "lest we forget"

I was reminded yesterday of how people can make or break a business. I was at a rather large well known stationary shop and was making my usual high dollar amount purchase (due to the nature of my business). It was around 4.30pm and there was a very long line up of other customers like myself waiting to be served with one cash register opened. Staff were behind three other registers however they 'were counting the money and closing the registers' and avoiding eye contact with anyone. Other customers were getting quite annoyed, whilst I must admit I wasn't, I chose to just enjoy a few moments of quiet reflection.

All of a sudden there was a break away, a staff member had chosen to again upon the register! The gentleman in front of me with a small child almost ran to be served first, and then I 'slowly' joined him. I asked the staff member if she was opening to serve the customers, or something like that in a very friendly like manner. Well, this lady might as well have been a two year old about the throw the terrible two's tamper tantrum! She huffed, puffed and rolled her eyes. I felt my temper rise very quickly! I found myself saying "I am very sorry for being a customer and putting you out". I actually don't think I said this in a nasty, catty way; it was almost sincere with a touch of sarcasm though I must admit. Seriously though, where was this attitude coming from and why? Hard to understand.

A couple of hours later at my favourite Alderley Thai restaurant, what a totally different experience (SIRI Thai, South Pine Road Alderley). The service is beyond perfect and is very kind, sincere and exactly what most of us want from service providers. A genuine approach with a great understanding of great customer service. How refreshing!

Here I am talking about a extraordinary business and an ordinary business; note how I have named the extraordinary one. Most people would also name the ordinary one and what do most people remember?

Until Next Time... Lest we Forget

Stacey Holt

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