March 5, 2010

Do we still say please?

5th March 2010

Another great week!

an interesting thought and observation came to me quite often this week; and that is what I refer to as basic manners... the use of please and thank you.

This week saw me travel from Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, functions in Brisbane and Redcliffe. Visiting many different function venues (particularly in the last 8 years in my education and presenting role) you accept the 'good venues' and you learn to swallow (as hard as that is) the 'shocking ones'! I guess with any business, and in any industry, this happens. I had exceptional service at all "the Greek Club Brisbane", the Events Centre Maroochydore, Karrawa Surf Club Broadbeach to name a few. I would not normally 'name', however when it is good praise, yes! I believe in naming...

During my week I had the occasion to think, on several occasion about, what I call, basic manners, please and thank you. Once I really listened, really became aware of these simple manners, I was horrified to realise a lot of people don't seem to use the words thank you and please! I don't mean to be negative, only honest as part of my own observations once I became aware.

Whilst I am far from perfect, and certainly am not 'judging' - I was mortified by the lack of manners used by young and old alike in this past week.

I wonder what this means.. are 'some' of us too busy to say the magic words, that I must say, regrettably don't get used in our real estate industry often enough, and that is thank you and please! AND I mean people thanking you and saying please to you as agents... People are quick to complain, but are they so quick to thank?

Until next time...

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