April 23, 2013

Property Management Self assessment - webinar service - your office only

Property Management Self-Assessment Professional Development Workshop - Webinar service
these questions, your office only and Stacey Holt
an hour and a half online training (and more) for only $250 plus GST (one session)


If a tenant fired a shotgun of the balcony of their unit and your agency received written complaints from neighbours (and police were notified), what would your agency do?
The tenant is very unreasonable, states that it is cleaner now than when I moved in and all attempts to try and reason with them fail due to their irrational behaviour.  What are the next steps that should be taken?

The tenant is using the garage of the property. What steps should be taken by the property manager? What standard term (if any) has the tenant breached?

It is found during an inspection that the tenant is subletting the property. What should the tenant have done in order to do this and what steps should now be taken by the property manager?

It is found during the routine inspection that the tenant is not cleaning the bathroom and it is now very mouldy from poor ventilation (there is an exhaust fan that is not being used) and the grout is now black. When the matter is addressed with them verbally, they get angry and tell us to mind our own business. What steps should be taken? What standard term (if any) has the tenant breached?

You are advised by neighbours that police kicked down the door of a property last night and it is confirmed by police. The police cannot advise what the matter is about. It is known that two people who are not tenants have been arrested and taken away. What steps should now be taken by the property manager?

You drive by the property and find that there is an above ground pool at the property that is not fenced and was not requested by the tenants to install. What steps should now be taken? What standard term (if any) has the tenant breached)?

The tenant is on the arrears list at 5 days - they are phoned at this time and asked when they are going to pay the rent to prevent a breach. They get quite irate and advise that they paid yesterday. A file note is made of this. They then appear on the arrears list at 8 days and a breach is issued.

On the 9th day their rental payment is shown on the statement. What steps should and must be taken in accordance with best practice but also in accordance with the RTRA Act?

Does a tenant have to receive a trust account receipt each time they pay their rent? Explain your answer

In relation to break leases; what standard terms should a tenant be shown to explain what the requirements are under the tenancy contract for this situation?

How long does a tenant have to return an entry condition report? What standard term of the agreement states this?

Do property managers have to do an exit condition report by law? Explain your answer

How long do property managers have to carry out a final inspection once the tenant has handed over possession of the property?

If a tenant has been given a notice to leave (for any legal reason) and fail to handover possession on the required day; what is the next step that should be taken and within what time frame?

What steps can be taken if a tenant does not allow entry and is outright refusing access. There are two possible solutions to this problem.

What are the five reasons a notice to leave can be lawfully issued for?

Once the 5 are identified, what are the notice periods?

What are the seven ways to lawfully end a tenancy? What standard term of the agreement mentions this?

It is found that tenants are using the downstairs area to run a business. What steps should property managers taken in this regard? Is it lawful for the tenant to run a business under the tenancy agreement/RTRA Act?

What is the notice period for a notice to remedy breach provided to a tenant for unapproved pets?

The RTRA Act defines the meaning of significant breaches; there are 4. What are they?

If a tenant is given a significant breach, what does this allow a property manager to then do?

A landlord instructs our agency to deduct cleaning and damages from a tenants bond. We have just carried out the final inspection this morning and are yet to advise the tenant plus yet to give them an opportunity to go back to attend to the concerns. The owner is advised of this however tells us that it is their property and do what they say. What is our response to this situation?

The landlord advises our agency that they will not be attending to the routine maintenance reported by the tenant. What steps should your agency take now in relation to the landlord and the tenant?

The landlord is questioning the rent collection fee of 5% plus GST - why do you charge that much just for collecting the rent??

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