April 3, 2013

Property Management online training service - Real Estate Excellence

Current Training Videos online .wmv file format     included in the PME System
Property Management Excellence - webinars are free! The current training videos are online now for PME system users to view anytime
Chapter 1
Property Management Overview
Chapter 3
 PAMD Form 20a quick tips
Chapter 3.1.2
Termination of management agreements
Chapter 3.3.1
Rental appraisals and the law
Chapter 5
Tenancy application forms processing
Chapter 5.8
Binding the tenant lawfully
Chapter 6.4
 Entry condition reports
Chapter 12
How to complete breach notices
Chapter 19.1
Exit condition reports – time management, risk management and the law
Using PME
Tips for use

Plus the following webinars – half an hour to 45 minutes in length

PM Development – Do you know the answer to these questions (two part webinar) half an hour each webinar ( x 2)
Rental properties for sale
5 reasons a notice to leave can be issued
PAMD Code of Conduct – What does it mean for property managers
Tips on how to be an excellent property manager
What is the role of a property manager?
7 ways to legally end a tenancy in Queensland
QCAT training webinar
Tips on growing the rent roll
Tips on how to complete routine inspections
Tips on how to use the RTRA Act
Maintenance best practice and the law
More webinars are added to the list as produced

Webinar services are also FREE to PME users as scheduled and then uploaded to PME online.

 (Uploaded to PME online is subject to the size of the file and technology provisions).

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