September 23, 2012

Property Management Training Queensland

Given the report handed down this week in Queensland from a coroner in regards to the tragic death of a child in a rental property, I have reacted quickly for the benefit of my clients and our industry and will now be presenting a very important training session that will be written based on the coroner’s report. The training programme will be written based on the coroners recommendations for the industry.

This hands on practical training workshop will discuss the following matters;

* What the coroner has recommended for our industry

* The law regarding carrying out routine/periodic inspections

* Best practice advice regarding how to carry out an inspection

* Best practice regarding maintenance procedures

* What to do if a lessor does not respond to maintenance requirements

* Risk management advice regarding procedures and routine inspections including maintenance

Best practice scripts/letter templates will be provided including
* lessors who won't respond to maintenance
" lessors who wish to carry out their own maintenance
* lessors who wish to use their own contractors

One session per area - October and November 2012.

For more information about locations, time and registration, visit

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