August 22, 2012

QCAT published decisions - what all property managers must know

When QCAT was 'born' on December 1 2009, there were many significant changes for the real estate and property management industry. Although QCAT is now over 2 and a half years old, we as an industry are only just starting to feel and see the impact of the many changes.

One of the many changes is that for the first time in Queensland, we now have 'precedent' law for rental matters. There are over a 100 decisions (including appeals) that have been published.

What does this mean?
Property managers today and in the future need to keep themselves up to date with the decisions that are being made in the Tribunal. These include decisions on mould, wear and tear, break lease, water disputes and general bond disputes.

What you should be doing? (recommendations)
On a regular basis, agencies should visit the QCAT website and review decisions that have been published to ensure that your agency is up to date with decisions as part of our professional duties.

How to use the decisions?
The decisions can be used to help with negotiation and education with lessors and tenants who are in dispute regarding any similar matters that have been published. This may assist greatly in successful negotiation and outcomes.
Also, if a decision has been published similar to a matter currently being dealt with on behalf of the lessor client, use the decision in the QCAT application and or when representing on the day of the hearing.

How can Real Estate Excellence help?
Real Estate Excellence offers training services in many areas of Real Estate including QCAT. Private agency training can be held in your agency. We also have a half hour QCAT Training CD which includes decisions provided to you on a disk plus much more.
One of the many Real Estate Excellence member benefits is that QCAT decisions are uploaded to a site for members to review at your convenience. Part of Real Estate Excellence services is 'making your job and life easier where possible'. The research is done for you plus advisory services are available.

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