June 21, 2011

RTA (QLD) policy on receiving faxes

 Below is response from the RTA - www.rta.qld.gov.au as at 20th June 2011 in relation to faxing of RTA documents to the RTA.

The general policy is that we require original signed forms for processing bond transactions – lodgements, refunds, transfers, changes to lessor/agent or shared bond arrangements and agent signature records. I believe that this was relaxed for a short time during the floods to enable more efficient processing. For a short time where we did not have access to faxes and the mail was disrupted we accepted scanned and emailed forms.

In RBS there are cases where we accept documents by fax or email (with signatures remaining as the primary means of client verification). Some of these include:

·        Returned Notices of Claim – agreeing to the claim so that payments can be released

·        Amendments to forms required during processing – case by case

·        Withdrawal of signature

·        Direct Credit and Email Notification Statement of Agreement  - from agents to have payments

·        Advice of bank account details (usually tenants or lessors)

This information was provided to Real Estate Excellence www.realestateexcellence.com.au

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