June 12, 2011

Best Practice Forms Available * from Real Estate Excellence

Real Estate Excellence provides 5 Membership Options for the QLD Real Estate Industry. There are many benefits in being a Real Estate Excellence Member. Below are the Best Practice forms currently available from Real Estate Excellence for Platinum Elite Members; all other Members receive select forms. For more information about Membership, which starts from only $11 per week including GST please visit the website OR email Stacey Holt - stacey.holt@realestateexcellence.com.au

Residential Property Management

Acknowledgement Receipt of PAMD Form 20a (for lessor)
Acknowledgement Receipt of Tenancy Documents (for tenant)
Acknowledgement Receipt  NO Pool Safety Certificate ( tenants of units only)
Acknowledgement Receipt V Pool Safety Certificate provided (for tenants of houses and units)
Consent to use Electronic Communication tenancy agreements
Lease renewal instruction form (for lessor)
Smoke alarm risk management and best practice advice for agency
Fire safety evacuation plan and information (for tenants)
Comparative Market Analysis for Rental Property
Best practice Tenancy application form
Risk Management Tenancy processing form
Routine (General) Inspection Report
Property management interview questions (recruitment)
Completed Best Practice Form 11 for rent arrears, illegal use of pool and smoke alarms
Routine Maintenance/Tenant Request Form including best practice procedure and policy to be provided to tenants and lessors
Attachment to the Management Agreement outlining Fees, Commissions and Charges
Explanatory Notes to Lessor (PAMD Form 20a)
Property Management Listing Form
Assignment of Appointment (Transfer)
Daily and Weekly Planner
Pool Safety Laws  A Fact Sheet for Lessors
Business Development Weekly Report
Rent Arrears Cover letter
Rental Bond Information Sheet
Open Homes Booking Form
Rental Appraisal Cover letter
Suggested scripts for new business
Tenancy Vacate Letter (when Form 13 is provided to them)
Daily and Weekly Planner
Routine Inspection cover letter for lessor
Vacating tenant cover letter for tenant
Consent for Open Homes
Consent to the use of Photographs or Images showing tenants belongings to be used for advertising
Sign up document explaining key provisions of the Agreement and the RTA Form 17a

Residential Sales and Auction

Acknowledgement Receipt of PAMD Form 22a (for seller)
Acknowledgement Receipt Community Titles (for buyer)
Acknowledgement Receipt House and Land (for buyer
Acknowledgement Receipt Warning Statement; House and Land (for buyer)
Acknowledgement Receipt Warning Statement; Unit Sale (for buyer)
Direction statement to buyer (Unit Contracts)
Direction statement to buyer (House and Land Contracts)
Acknowledgement Receipt  Pool Safety Certificate provided (for buyer/bidder)
Acknowledgement Receipt  NO Pool Safety Certificate provided (for buyer/bidder)
Advertising copy approval form (for seller)
Change of price instruction (for seller)
Consent to use electronic communications
The Sustainability Declaration a best practice advice for agents
The Sustainability Declaration a best practice guide for sellers
Tips for sellers who are unrealistic about price
Attachment to the Form 22a Seller Disclosure
Daily and Weekly Planner
Prospective Seller Enquiry Form
Prospective Buyer Enquiry Form
Advertising Headline Suggestions
Consent for Open Homes - Rental Property
Consent to the use of Photographs or Images showing tenants belongings to be used for advertising Rental Property
Consent for Onsite Auctions - Rental Property
Written evidence of listing appointment for tenants - Rental Property
Neighbourhood Disputes Resolution Act (tree and fencing laws) seller disclosure requirements


Employment Register
Pool Safety Laws Best Practice Guide; sales, auction and property management
Social Media Policy
Complaints Register
Attachment to a complaint response (as required by the Property Agents Act)
Public notice required by the Office of Fair Trading
Complaint Handling Requirements

*All best practice forms are included as part of Platinum Elite Membership and are provided in word and some in PDF version via disk. As forms are updated, Members are emailed new versions accordingly. Select forms are available to all Members.
Best practice forms can be designed upon written request for Platinum Elite Members.


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