March 15, 2011

Property Managers should not be called Property Managers

In recent years and months, particularly in recent days, I have given a great deal of thought to the title "Property Manager" and what does it really mean?

At present I am assisting a Platinum Member of Real Estate Excellence who is negotiating with a lessor client who is expecting the Property Manager to deal with a fence dispute matter with a next door neighbour. I must admit I am almost appalled at some of the matters that landlords expect our industry to do today; from dealing with disputes with neighbours over trees and fences, registering their pools and spas on required registers,  lodging  and dealing with insurance claims to name a few of the matters that property managers are expected to do on top of managing the tenancy.

It has long been said that Property Managers should be called People Managers; I for one agree with this! However, it is not really an appropriate nor friendly 'title'. As Real Estate Agents/Property Managers, we manage tenancy relationships on behalf of the lessor, not their own private affairs such as insurance and disputes with neighbours.

The industry today should consider changing the title Property Manager to Tenancy Relationship Manager; it explains more of what we do as property managers is not really appropriate in today's industry. Whilst people will say that they carry out all those extra tasks as added valued (and I am a huge fan of this is my own business and certainly advocate this practice), it must be asked, when is enough enough. How much more are we going to do for free as well?

One of the new training programmes being held by Real Estate Excellence - Secrets to Retention and Growth explores the fact that our industry cannot keep on doing what we have always done. For fear of sounding revolutionary, I do firmly believe that major changes have to start occurring for business survival, and these changes have to start from within.

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