March 21, 2011

Property Management Excellence - Career Development Programme

CDP - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 -  Attend One, or Attend them All!

Real Estate Excellence is proud and excited to announce a six step Career Development Programme for Property Management Excellence. Please find following the Six Step (CDP) Options for Property Managers and Licensees; programme suitable for newcomers, experienced and advanced. Please review this document for an outline of all programmes being offered very soon!

Stacey Holt, Director Real Estate Excellence will present each session.

For all expressions of interest, please email Stacey Holt. Sessions are expected to roll out in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast from June 2011. The sessions will be rolled out in the regions later in 2011 and into 2012. It is expected that these sessions will be offered on a regular basis. All courses will be $99 per person including GST. (Discounts apply to Members). Small groups only to assist in a quality and effective learning environment.

For all enquires contact Stacey Holt  Please forward this invitation to any colleagues who you feel may benefit from receiving it. PRIVATE IN House training is also available. Enquire today about PRIVATE IN House Training and to receive the Real Estate Excellence “MENU”. All of Real Estate Excellence Training and services come with a satisfaction guarantee. Best Practice Real Estate Agency Advice is provided as part of the training and education services.

Attendees of this Career Development Programme are strongly recommended to consider GOLD SOLE MEMBERSHIP of Real Estate Excellence. GOLD SOLE Membership provides many benefits to your business including 10% discount of OPEN Training Services, Phone and Email Best Practice Advisory Services for up to ten staff, twice monthly Member Updates, Select Complimentary Best Practice Forms plus other benefits. Ask Stacey Holt for more information. GOLD SOLE Membership is only $22 per week including GST for up to 10 staff; equates to $2.20 for each staff member.

CDP 1 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• Understanding QCAT, RTA and the OFT

• Understanding key documentation used in tenancy such as the General Tenancy Agreement and the Management Agreement

• Understanding the legislative duty to the lessor and tenant

• Vital risk management procedures and why

• Application Form and processing – Tenant Selection

• Discrimination Law

• Advertising and Showing the Property

• Feedback reports for vacant property

• Tips on Career Development and Advancement

# Includes using and studying the RTRA Act

CDP 2 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• Rent payment methods

• Binding the tenant lawfully

• Entry Condition Report Compliance and Best Practice

• Sign up procedures

• Sign up procedure role play

• Bond lodgement requirements and part payment of bond

• Rent arrears procedures and completion of Form 11 and Form 12

• Routine Inspections – tips on how to complete an inspection

• Lease Renewals

• Rent and Bond Increases

• Rent Decreases

• Routine and emergency maintenance

• Tips on effective communication with the lessor and tenant

• Reporting to the Lessor during the tenancy

# Includes using and studying the RTRA Act

CDP 3 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• The 7 ways to lawfully end a tenancy under the RTRA Act

• Abandonment

• Death of a sole tenant

• Tenancy databases

• Exit reporting and tips on how to carry out a successful vacate

• Dispute Resolution and bond disputes

• Lost management procedures

• QCAT procedures and presentation tips including file preparation

• QCAT Forms such as Form 2, compensation claims, appeals and reopening a hearing

# Includes using and studying the RTRA Act

CDP 4 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• Tips on how to win new business

• Tips on listing presentations and pre listing kits

• Tips on how to close the sale

• How to utilise your agency point of difference in the market place

• Requirements when carrying out a Rental Appraisal

• Tips on how to complete a Rental Appraisal

• Scripts, tips and dialogues

• Risk management, compliance and best practice completion of the management agreement

# Includes using and studying the RTRA Act

CDP 5 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• Egg time theory and effective property management

• Tips on how to effectively deal with emails, phone calls and unexpected visitors

• Email and Phone etiquette

• Ideal day, week and monthly planning

• Taking control of your time and your career

• General Agency Risk Management

• Negotiation and Communication Tips

CDP 6 – Property Management Excellence (three hour programme)

• Quality control of paperwork and procedures

• A best practice agency assessment review

• Steps to take if a claims is made against your agency

• RTA investigations

• OFT investigations

• Property Management Reporting

• Trust Account key provisions

contact Stacey Holt for any enquiries, and be sure to register for the FREE updates at


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