December 30, 2013

Kick start into 2014 ! FREE webinar for property managers

The start of a new year is a time for many to reflect on the previous year and a time to plan for what goals and achievements you want to achieve both personally and professionally.

When it comes to property management, it is a great time to reflect on goals, achievements and what your business wants to achieve in 2014.

Most (if not all)  businesses aspire to run a property management department based on 'proactive management' as opposed to reactive management. Upon reflection of your agency, the hard but needed question is what category did you mainly fall into in 2013; proactive management or reactive management?

I am a big believer that no matter who you are, property management always has an element of crisis involved; this is due to dealing with people, money and housing.

The questions to ask yourself and your team include;

Are we running a proactive management division?
Are we focused?
Do we all as a team share a common goal and also have goals in place?
Are there set systems and procedures to streamline the tasks?
Do we attend regular training?
Do we understand that our business is all about people? We are a customer service industry and people are not a burden in our business.
Do we have 'time out' during the day so we aren't too available which leads to burn out, stress and quite often mistakes as tasks get half done due to constant interruption?

If you and your team did not answer YES to all of the above, now is a great time to make changes and implement change so that a better proactive year is had by all!

Happy New Year and may your year be full of happiness, laughter, growth, service and kicking goals set!
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