November 13, 2013

Listing a rental property for sale - tips for salespeople

All salespeople would agree that common courtesy goes a long way (in most cases) when listing a rental property for sale. Most would understand that for the tenant, there is often a feeling of fear and alarm when they are advised that the property they currently call home is now for sale. Salespeople in the past have learnt the hard way of the questionable practice of only meeting the tenant/s for the first time when they are conducting the first inspection with buyers. As there has been no opportunity to meet, greet and explain the process to the tenant prior, the salespeople if often met with contempt by the tenant.

A best practice tip carried out by most salespeople is to invest is in a courtesy phone call upon listing the property for sale to the tenant explaining the situation and process. This phone call may go a long way in alleviating any fears that the tenant may have plus respond to any questions about the process. A better practice is to make an appointment for a face to face meet and greet; we all would agree that good old fashioned customer service and courtesy is needed in this sometimes quite delicate situation. That half an hour spent out of your day could save you hours of grief in the near future and could assist greatly in having the tenant work with you as opposed to against you.
If you are a member office of Real Estate Excellence and would like a compliance fact sheet for sales staff training and education in regards to listing and selling rental property please contact us.

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  1. Hi Stacey
    What you say is exactly correct. I always go and meet the tenants prior to anything happening. This has a two fold effect. It helps to ease any concerns that they have and also they tell me if they want to stay or prefer to go, when a sale happens. This information is invaluable throughout the listing period as I know if I am selling an investment property or a vacant possession property. Sometimes things change throughout the process and it is much easier to discuss with tenants who know that you respect them and their surety of tenancy. You cannot go past a "face to face" meeting where you all begin to feel a mutual trust for each others situation. If you treat people as you would like to be treated it isn't too hard to get a result that suits all parties involved.