July 25, 2013

Real Estate Excellence Member Update August 2013

Member Update
Webinar training calendar August 2013
Property Management Excellence Convention returns - 2013
Staff details form
General Mailing List
PME system users update
QCAT Case attached to member update -
Licensee/Administration Best Practice
Tips on how to self-Audit agency property management files
Sales Best Practice
Community Management Statement update
Subject to Finance clause on contracts -  case law
Property Management Best Practice
QCAT – Part 1 - representing the owner in tribunal, the owners name on the application, requesting written reasons for decisions and requesting audio recording of the hearing
Landlord newsletter topic letter (attached to the Member update each month) - Safety switches and rental property
QCAT case study - new service - case for review and staff training attached to the member update
The following update will be emailed to members in early August

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