December 17, 2011

Two years on... Real Estate Excellence

This time two years ago I made one of the biggest choices of my career and life. I resigned from a great corporate role and started my own business.

I have been reflecting on these last two years recently with some sense of wonderment and fascination... what a two years it has been been and how time sure does fly!

I finished my corporate career on December 23rd 2009, registered my business trading name on 24th December, worked on my website with my brother on 25th and 26th December (yes that is Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and launched my company officially on the 4th January 2010. Everything just flowed from there and in the beginning mostly at a frenetic pace.

All of the preparation and thought process regarding the leap of faith into my own business was largely in my head until that Christmas 2009/2010.  My business plan was written during that period on yellow bits of paper where it is still sits today in my office. I have reviewed it often and tweaked, revised, re planned the journey along the way.

The last two years have almost been a blur, but in saying that a blur that is remembered vividly and with great pride. The business has progressed exceptionally well with a membership base of over 100 offices which equates to an estimated 1000 agents and property managers plus a large client base who utilise the training and consultancy aspect of my business.

They say that nothing worthwhile is easy, and I am reminded of this often. I have been most fortunate in my career of real estate; I have rarely found it to be 'work' or a 'job' - it has been a career and a hobby plus a passion since from when I started in reception all those years ago in Biloela Queensland.

Two years on, with many more successful and creative years to come; thank you those who are sharing my journey with me.

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