November 9, 2011

Knowledge is Power Property Managers

Today’s Licensee and Career Property Manager are required to have a sound knowledge of a vast and diverse range of compliance issues. A common misunderstanding in the industry is the role of the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority). What must be remembered is the RTA only administers the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and Regulation.  The following matters that affect property managers daily in their careers are set out in different legislations and under other Government Departments.

·        Pool Laws
·        Safety Switches
·        Special Terms
·        Smoke Alarms
·        PAMD Act and Codes of Conduct
·        Discrimination
·        Tree and fencing laws
·        QCAT and Tribunal

It is important to note that one may speak with the RTA about a matter listed above however they do not specialise in those laws.  
Real Estate Excellence specializes in Real Estate Training, Professional Development, Risk Management, Compliance and Best Practice to assist in all matters relating to Residential Property Management (plus Licensee, Residential  Sales and Administration). Private Training can be held in your office or via ‘telephone’ training and Membership best practice services are available. For more information, without obligation of course email
This information sheet relates to Queensland only.


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