September 15, 2010

who will take on the responsibility of pool enforcement? surely not the real estate industry..

15th September 2010

Regrettably there is another amazing milestone for the Queensland Real Estate Industry. Currently the QLD Parliament are debating the future pool safety laws. Noone would dispute the fact that these laws are about saving lives; particularly those who lives who are most vulnerable, that of children under five. We as a community would all support this agenda; however the price of compliance and risk management is dreafully high and outright almost unrealistic on today's real estate business. This morning I have spoken with two member clients, one almost in tears, the other was in tears out of sheer frustration about compliance. The Qld Government continue to use the Real Estate Industry as part policeman for laws such as safety switches, smoke alarms, sustainability declarations and now pool safety new laws. I must quote Mr David Gibson  LNP member for Gympie who was recorded in Hansard (page 3238 of 14th September as saying "The question has to be asked, who else will take on the responsibility (of pool compliance)? Clearly, the state government does not have a structure to be able to act as a fallback for pool inspections. Do we expect that to fall upon real estate agents? It is hardly within the job description of the average suburban realtor?" Well said Mr Gibson, well said. Hardly in fact, but it is regrettably looking likely.

I am up to slide number 30 of Pool Safety New Laws presentation that will be delivered in many areas throughout QLD in October and November 2010; not that size matter, I am merely indicating the number of changes and the amount of information and education that the Real Estate Industry have to yet again take on board.

Stacey Holt

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